1623 / 83 Schwa Schacht 83 2/S =

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Grade 1 extended elevation in Cambridge Underground expedition report

Underground Description

13m freeclimb dropped onto a steep snowslope requiring a handline. This was descended for 10m to a steep boulder slope which funnelled down to a small hole through which stones dropped for a long time. The large amounts of scree made descent unwise. Above the boulder slope, a phreatic passage led quickly to a big hole in the floor. The hole is a fine free-hanging descent of 36m to a solid choke of boulders. The phreatic passage continues beyond the pitch, but was not reached, and trends uphill.


CUCC 1977 - Team Geriatric

Scanned survey notes



This was originally listed as "exploration completed", but the description and survey suggest that with modern drilltastic rigging techniques it would not be hard to reach the continuation of the phreas across the head of the final pitch.


New Entrance

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