1623 / 195 Schwa Schacht 195 1/S +


Underground Description

A very large surface rift (almost a canyon), with a pitch at the west end. This has a 5-6 second booming clattering drop, and had a very poor quality spit at the top. It was not descended in 1995. This may be the cave referred to in the description of 165, located by CUCC in 1989, but already having a bolt, and not descended by CUCC but with "a drop in excess of 35m". 2000 descent reached floor at 37m down, with the only way on a small hole that turned out to be too tight.


50m rope?


Kate 95.07.26 S94p43-4; 21st July entry in 2000 logbook


Elevation never drawn up; see notes in 2000#04

Underground Centre Line

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