1623 / 188 a–d Skinrip Durchgange I-VI 1/T +


CUCC 1990

Underground Description

From memory, the cave consists of two 3m deep surface shafts of diameter two meters, connected by c. 4m of 0.60m diameter horizontal phreas at the bottom. From the shaft nearer the Hinter-SMK the phreas continued for another 5-6m before I ran away as it was getting a bit tight. It could well be skinrip durchgang from the huge description given on the website, and I just never made it as far as the awkward climb. Survey is Grade II.


It is not yet confirmed, but it seems likely that this is the same cave partially surveyed by Phil Underwood in 1997 entitled 'dodgy compost'.

Scanned survey notes



"Austria cave systems manual" has scribbled note "this number not CUCC's" so this probably should revert to number CUCC-1990-18?


New Entrance