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New Entrance


CUCC 2002 Frank, Ben

Underground Description

Three entrances along an obvious N-S aligned rift connect underground. The largest is the A entrance, which in 2006 was descended via a rebelay and subsequent deviation to pass through a small hole in the floor of the shaft at around -18m. The landing is on a snow slope continuing down to the south. In 2006 this was blocked almost immediately, but in 2002 it could be followed for ~15m to reach a gap down one side of the snow plug. This point is 34m below the surface and a mere 9m above Crowning Glory in 204, but there does not seem to be a corresponding aven or snow pile.


(Drawn up by DL from Frank's notes in 2002#23)

Underground Centre Line

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Survex File

caves-1623/2002-07/2002-07.svx 3d file