1623 / 103 Plateau Schacht 103 1/S +

Underground Description

A semi-horizontal rift going south, slopes down at 45° to head of a very broken shaft aligned on a joint perpendicular to the scarp (joint is on 055-235°). Drops 30m past much wedged, frost-shattered rock to a choke at -30m.



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    Marking Comment
    Alloy tag "1623 103 CUCC 1977" on M6 stud below the faded remains of a painted number on the NW-facing wall of a prominent joint making a break in the scarp face in which the entrance lies.
    About 15m north of Kat.102, in the face of the same 125-305° fault scarp as 101's northward crawl, which is about 35m away to the SE.

    Entrance view, looking roughly NW towards the Rauher (I think)View down shaft Tag Remains of second painted number

    (Photos © Olly Betts 2006)

    Tag Location
    1623.t103 47.68409N 13.80664E (UTM33 410439, 5281879), 1629m (SRTM is +53 m, distance from reference: 20m)
    HSK 075°, VSK Nipple 153°, Lost Rucksack Cairn 325°

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