1626 / 2018-ms-03

Underground Description

Squeeze through boulders then drop down c2 and along a tall, narrow rift for ~10m to head of ~7m pitch. Weak draft out.

This was [possibly] re-found by Dickon and Jon later the same day 2018-DM-06[Ed. but presumably they did not see any tag?] and they said there was also a phreatic tube visible from the pitch head.

[Ed.: pending further location data, these are recorded as two different caves.]

Dickon's description of 2018-dm-06:
Climb down boulder tickle 5m leads to 2m climb. Rift continues to 4m pitch into chamber, unpushed. Small passage in roof above pitch ledge to left continues 30m through narrow crawl to 4-way intersection. Unexplored further.

on's phone DD 47.69514N 13.80591E

[Since 2018-dm-06 is 30m away from 2018-ms-03 either someone has misread their GPS or they are different caves. The area needs revisiting.]


wallet 2018#01

logbook 2018-07-11a

Scanned survey notes

1626-2018-ms-03 (if any)


tag hammered into above entrance boulders


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    Tag Location
    1626.p2018-ms-03 47.69530N 13.80558E (UTM33 410379, 5283126), 1707m (SRTM is +51 m, distance from reference: 23m)

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