1626 / 2018-pw-01 Trois Dents

Underground Description

3 holes in a rift aligned E-W, immediately NNW of an obvious knobble of bunde (20m x 20m round). There is a lone pine tree 20m east of that.

Each hole ~20m deep, pebble bounces a few timesafter hitting the bottom - may be a hading passage accessible from the rubble pile. Significant snow block in eastmost hole. All 3 holes look to connect.Small cliff on surface
Pine tree and marked path to east.

Not physically tagged or dropped yet.

scanned notes in 2018#17

Discovered on this trip Logbook 2018-07-24b

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1626-2018-pw-01 (if any)


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    1626.p2018-pw-01 47.69828N 13.80675E (UTM33 410472, 5283456), 1832m (SRTM is 0 m, distance from reference: 13m)

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