1623 / 87 a–b Schacht 87 neben Stögerweg 3/S +

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? MISSING (grade 5)

Underground Description

Horizontal entrance at base of small cliff at head of dry valley, leads over peaty infill to a pitch head. Cross first hole and descend second, 30m to large chamber. To left is unsurveyed inlet ending too small, while to right is head of very steeply descending phreatic-tube-like pitch of 15m vertically (20m+ of rope). This is a little thrutchy to start, but opens out, and ends in a short climb.

(mono photo - 63k) Head of Second pitch (mono photo - 41k)

A further 15m pitch follows, hanging clear of a wall made up mainly of boulders. A way on across the head of the final pitch appears too tight. Hole in floor is last pitch, of 33m, which has a boulder 10m high in it, and you can descend either side. Draught is lost into a small passage which you could reach by bolting, but it seems a little pointless.

There is a 1987 extension, but I can't make much sense of the logbook description.


CUCC 1980, 1987

Scanned survey notes

1623-87 (if any)


The 1987 logbook suggests we changed this to 87b and the cave that had mistakenly been numbered 88, called 87b on this site, we called 87a, so we had better look into the labelling at the entrance 87a and put an 87b metal tag just inside 87b in the stogerweg.


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    Marking Comment
    No. 87 in red, which is correct but might have been changed to 87A (OK) or 87B (bad) in 1987
    In a dry valley leading up from the Stögerweg (path 201) shortly after the turn off for Schnellzughöhle. In 2001 the hole was seen blowing a large quantity of vapour visible from some way off.
    Other Station
    1623.p87 - first (of several) bolts used for rigging, LHS of entrance 47.6680222N 13.8117729E (UTM33 410797, 5280087), 1543m (SRTM is +74m, distance from reference: 12m)
  2. Id letter: 'b' Edit this entrance
    In Stogerweg - you literally step over it while walking along the path.

    Originally numbered '88' in a fit of optimism while the explorer was getting changed to investigate this impressively draughting hole, it proved in fact to be only 1.2 metres deep and too tight. It appears to be above the inlet below pitch 1 in cave 87, and has been officially renumbered 87b (the painted "88" had faded to near-illegibility by 2018), since the Austrians have allocated number 88 to Lärchenhöhle.

    on the Stogerweg path

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