1623 / 2018-NTU-01

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Described extensively in logbook entry 2018-08-08c

I (Nat) squeezed down through some dodgy loose boulders at the entrance, but could not get further down safely. I could see beyond the boulder choke that there was a vertical shaft, smooth-sided, which we measured by Disto as 2.7m deep, probably landing onto a gravel floor as judged by the sound of throwing rocks down. This vertical shaft appears to turn a corner into a rift heading South-West (downslope).

No noticeable draft, but it was hard to get my head right in. The shaft is definitely big enough for a person to stand in comfortably. With a bit of tidying up the big loose boulders inside the entrance, one could get into the shaft and see where the rift goes



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    Tagged on 13 Aug. but no record of exact tag text.
    To reach this cave easily from Top Camp, just follow the Tunnocks path until the cave marked on GPS as "1623.p2001-02", then turn right (uphill) and go up a small chive and boulder-filled gully until you see the big boulder with the tag on it.

    On a scramble parallel to (east of, uphill from) the path to Tunnocks. Located in a gully filled with wild chives.

    The entrance is below a large fixed boulder with the tag on its SW side.

    Tag Location
    1623.p2018-ntu-01 47.69197N 13.82165E (UTM33 411579, 5282737), 1834m (SRTM is +41 m, distance from reference: 20m)

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