1623 / 177
Tantalus Schacht 1/S +

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Named by dehydrated discoverers who had allowed water (and paint) out of their possession. At the bottom of the shaft is beautiful flowing stream. 35m shaft from Bunde belay to pool, water seep and ice at bottom. Access to promising looking passage which unfortunately quickly chokes.


CUCC 1990

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1623-177 (if any)


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    At break of slope between HSK and the plateau.
    Bräuning Nase 215°, Bräuning Zinken 234°, Schönberg summit 332°. This proved impossible to find in 1995 from these bearings which bring one to a point c 200m NNE of 1623/104 (easily spotted by the prominent split boulder above its entrance). The vicinity is hard to search owing to an excess of dwarf pine scrub and small cliffs.

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