1623 / 2002-AD-03 1/S =

Underground Description

Inside entrance, rubble slope drops down to short pitch into chamber. Chamber is ~20ft deep from entrance. One wall is steeply inclined, chamber may continue underneath. At (illegible) there may be a continuation: a narrow gully appears to twist off to the left. Above is an eye-hole through which there appears to be blank space.

Further round from this entrance and lower down, there is a large depression with a small snow-plug on the floor, with a crawl at the bottom (very small technical QM) - looks like lots of water comes down it - disappears into a choss bowl.


Entrance noted CUCC 2002 (Anthony)


Brief description in 2002#12. Revisited (?) by Djuke and Dave L. in 2007 and photographed.logbook 2007-07-23 Visited in 2007 "also made tag bolt for 02AD01 and made tag for it and photo'd" - but this might be 2002-AD-01

Scanned survey notes

1623-2002-AD-03 (if any)


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    Tag (?)
    Traverse along terrace above level of 2002-AD-02 to reach grassy col - cave is horizontal entrance on hillside.

    Tag Location
    1623.gps02.p2002-ad-03 47.69429N 13.82472E (UTM33 411814, 5282992), 1878m (SRTM is +39 m, distance from reference: 25m)

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