1623 / 82 Bräuninghöhle 4/S/T +

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Cambridge Underground 1978, facing p 32

There is also an area plan showing 82 in context with 145 and 148.

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Underground Description

Very obvious walking sized cave entrance leads to a boulder strewn passage (ice formations early in season) into an aven with daylight entering 20m above. A scramble over boulders leads to Apfelschacht - a 6m pitch with loose boulders at the head. This drops to a 3m climb and then a 20m pitch Orangenschacht with a trickle of water entering halfway down. From the foot, a fine keyhole passage imaginatively named Schlüssellochgang, and a choice of routes. The most obvious way on is a 10m pitch, Bierschacht over a stalagmite flow to an awkward crawl, Worm Passage, which looked likely to end things. However, this opens out suddenly at a pitch head. Nocheinbierschacht is 15m, impressively free. At the foot, a vocal connection can be made with a phreatic passage above the third pitch which ends in a big hole.

Ahead is a phreatic tunnel which chokes, and a large black emptiness. This is descended for 25m in four 6m steps, Viermalbierschacht, to a ledge big enough for one and a bit people. The stream goes over this ledge into a large black void. This pitch, Besoffene, is 50m and hangs free for all but the last 8m in a very impressive shaft. From the foot, traverse above a steeply dropping stream canyon to a sloping platform from which a 17m pitch reaches the stream floor. This cascades over a further 6m pitch, below which a climb out of the stream reaches a rig point for a 30m pitch ending on a slope down to a sump at -216m.


CUCC 1977 - Team Geriatric

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    Marking Comment
    "82" in red paint on boulder (not visible in 2024) and on left of cave (still visible in 2024) near 1998 tag "1623 82 CUCC 1977" on right inside cave entrance (not at survey point).
    Plateau 430m from col, roughly NE.
    From Schwarzmoossattel, follow description to 80. From here, a route leads directly towards Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel over fairly flat karren, becoming more shattered towards another cairn. Then there is a somewhat chaotic area.

    Skirt this on the left to a small ridge running left-right. There is a cairn to the right across the chaotic bit. From the ridge, 82 is the obvious entrance directly ahead. Across the ridge to the right, more cairns lead initially towards 82, but then become misleading as they head up the hill to Wolfhöhle (145).


    EntranceEntrance area view
    Photo of ice stal (27k)
    Other Station
    1623.p82 - tip of rock marked "82" at entrance (now faded), 82 on wall near tag. 47.6809126N 13.8102799E (UTM33 410707, 5281522), 1658m (SRTM is +49m, distance from reference: 27m)

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