1623 / B4 CUCC 1976/B4 1/S +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

CUCC sketch 1996

Surveyed 2005, Olly Betts, Jenny Black

Photoed 2015, Wookey

Underground Description

Descent of 45° snow slope reaches a choked rift. Above and ahead water enters via small aven but no sign of a way on.


CUCC 1976

Scanned survey notes

1623-B4 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    This used to have station 1623.gps00.b4 to locate it, but this seems to have been removed from the fixedpts list.
    Again just a short distance up valley from B3, a significant shakehole with snow at foot. (Cambridge Underground 1977 gives bearings of Loser 234°, Bräuning Nase 292°. However, Loser is not visible from this area and it is most likely that this bearing is to Sommersitz, which looks rather similar from this direction.)

    Relocated in searches in 1990 and 1996 - best (and pretty easily) found from Schwarzmoossattel or Top Camp by following the path south until a small spring (at the site of the 1979 bivouac) feeds a tiny stream descending into the valley. This sinks in the northernmost shaft of Schachtgruppe 36. In the centre of the valley across from this point is an obvious shakehole, usually with a small snowchoke, in a shaft.

    Tag Location
    1623.p1976_b4 47.67735N 13.80770E (UTM33 410508, 5281129), 1654m (SRTM is +72 m, distance from reference: 29m)

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