1623 / 159 Winded Hole 2/S +

Underground Description

Two bolts in entrance for Y-hang to give c40m vertical to a boulder floor, then a further 20m in a big boulder chamber. A "nice skeleton" and an old colander (!) were found on the terminal choke in 1988.


CUCC 1988 (1st pitch Chris & Becka, bottomed by Chris).

Scanned survey notes



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    Marking Comment
    orange number "159" facing north. 1998 tag "1623 159 CUCC 1988" attached to more northerly of two Y-hang bolts, just below surface. This is the anchor visible in the photograph (with an orange circle painted round it), taken before the tag was attached.
    Near 'crapping region' of Top Camp (1990). Cave is on the same fault/joint as 1623/90, 1623/207 and 1623/208, but further out from the Bräuning Wall, c 100m on 067°.
    Cave relocated 1990, 1996 and surveyed to in 1998. Entrance reached in two minutes from upper top camp by heading west and dropping down one terrace.

    entrance photo - link to 56k jpeg
    View towards colView down shaft (note tag on shaft wall just below number board)

    Photos © Andy Waddington 1998 and David Loeffler 2005

    Tag Location
    1623.t159 47.67957N 13.80392E (UTM33 5281380, 410227), 1694m
    1990 Bearings (we have no idea where these came from and they aren't remotely in the right place): HSK 116°, Nipple 174°, Bräuning Nase 199°, Bräuning Zinken 216°

    1996: HSK 059°, VSK nipple 111°, Bräuning Nase 152°, Kleine Wild Kogel 009°(left) and 010°(right), Bräuning Wall pt. 1828 209°, Bräuning Wall pt. 1835 221°, Bräuning Zinken 232°

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