1623 / 157 Pirat Schacht 2/S x


Uncertain. Rediscovered CUCC 1987

Underground Description

Entrance shaft of 50m until gap between snow and rock became too perilous in 1987 - bottom still out of sight. About 12m below the karren, a rift passage leads off from side of shaft into parallel shaft with aven. This shaft is about 9m deep, with no way on at the bottom. In 1987, it reportedly had recent looking bolts of unknown origin - the most likely explanation is that the cave had been looked at by GSCB who were in the area on a reconnaissance in 1986 (?) and more seriously in 1987. In 2012, only one bolt was spotted at the top of this pitch, less recent looking, but still usable.

Scanned survey notes



New Entrance