1623 / 183
Elchfalle 2/S x

Underground Description

A small man-sized hole behind a flake in the obvious fault. Boulder almost blocking entrance was pulled clear in 1992. Descend a boulder pile for 5m then sloping start to an 8m pitch. Strong draught at this point. A few metres of boulder-floored passage lead to another short pitch (5m sloping, then 5m vertical). Another very short passage leads to the third pitch of 10m to a flat boulder floor followed quickly by the fourth pitch rigged clear of a tiny stream by bolts on the roof/far wall. This is again c 10m with a deviation half way to land on more boulders. The water quickly sinks in these, and a little way forward, a hole opens onto a pitch of 6m rigged from a Y-hang. The stream comes down at the east end of this chamber, joined by another inlet from the north, and leaves south to another 5m pitch, quickly followed by another 5m pitch, from the base of which there is a crawling passage. Downstream is a crawl was explored for varying distances on several occasions until the explorers ran out of enthusiasm; the passage also continues upstream, which was not explored.


CUCC 1990-1992


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    Marking Comment
    Paint mark still says "90/13"
    From 182, go N up pavement. Just over crest turn left along sporadically vegetated ledge below 2m wall (to S). After 100m, a large fault is met which contains 183.
    Other Station
    1623.p183 47.6844153N 13.7986017E (UTM33 409837, 5281925), 1592m (SRTM is +78m, distance from reference: 18m)

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