1623 / 208
Quallenhöhle 1/S +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

1999 survey

Grade 2 (at a guess), drawn up in loose leaves in front of 1996-9 NotKH book

Underground Description

Two entrances, one 5m lower than the other. Lower section is expanded joint at foot of step, 6m deep. free-climable to gain a choked floor. A small continuation leads to small space in rifty corner where rocks have not filled. Upper entrance is 2-3m diameter shaft 5m deep, also free-climable.


None, 8m handline would be useful.



The name is essentially spurious, but makes a change from bears, wolves and rabbits ;-).
Kataster form sent 2000.05, number allocated.


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    Marking Comment
    "+" (on cliff between entrances). Tag spit by upper entrance.
    100m W of the waterhole at (upper) top camp. 65m N of 90. 16m N of 207.
    From Top Camp (upper site) walk along "crapper" shelf, following path. After 80m where path goes down to next shelf, climb 3m step ahead. 208 is to the right (and 207 to the left). The lower entrance is accessible from below the step.

    Surface survey location sketch in not KH 1996 p 3, area map: NotKH book pp68-69


    Upper (A) entranceLower (B) entrance

    Photos © Dave Loeffler 2005

    B.Nase 161°, VSK (obvious point = Nipple ?) 104°, HSK (leftmost top) 054°, Schönberg 346°, Wildkogel (L&R ends of obvious summit ridge) 007-011°
    Other Station
    1623.p208 - from surface survey 47.6794174N 13.8037243E (UTM33 410212, 5281363), 1661m (SRTM is +47m, distance from reference: 26m)

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