1623 / 192 Schwa Schacht 192 1/S -

Underground Description

About a 15m shaft with a large rift at the bottom. Probably doesn't go but can't be sure. Rift c 10m long, on 50-230° with deepest point to SW. Descended to -10m on ladder, but can't see round corner to left (SE) below. Existing spit found near top, but previously unmarked.


Unknown, and CUCC 1995 (unfinished)


Logbook Kate 95.07.26 S94p42

Scanned survey notes

1623-192 (if any)


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    About 100m NNE from 161c, and a few metres higher.
    Went to France [161c] + found the others just emerging. ...

    After some time I found the totally unobvious hole James + I had found previously + chucked a ladder down. Then found a fairly rusty spit near the top. I went down the ladder which didn't reach the bottom (bum), swung around lots. Decided it probably doesn't go but I can't be sure. ...

    Failed to find the cave with a - on which James + I found before. Instead found a draughting horizontal entrance a bit below France which has snow in leading to a pitch in a big rift. Didn't go in - too scary. Didn't draw any pictures either because it was about to get dark.

    Two cairns, one either side of entrance.
    1623/161c 200°

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