1623 / 2007-04 Slippery Hole

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*date 2007.08.08 The cave is in a loose depression on the ridge behind the bivi. It has plenty of snow in the entrances and dramatic slabs of rock hovering above it.

The north entrance leads to 'Slackwell's Stumble', a boulder choked passage with bouldery floor.

The other entrance leads to a snowy slide down into ' John's Winter Wonderland' or alternatively a precarious 3m climb leading to a boring chamber or a bouldery passage into 'Quick wee chamber', with a ledge on the opposite side.

Quick wee has a high entrance inaccessible to us. John's winter wonderland has a too tight passage that echoes and feels as if it may 'go' under the snow.

2007-04 has been tagged by us as such.

We had several 'brown alert' moments on climbs, due to slipperiness and looseness. Another memorable time was when I put in a crap spit, then reached to hang a sling from a natural. The snow under me collapsed, dropping me 4m. Luckily onto more snow. I slid down the snow towards the Winter Wonderland, before the rope became taut and caught me. Worrying.


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    The cave is in a loose depression on the ridge behind the bivi.
    CUCC 2007
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    1623.p2007-04 47.69159N 13.82377E (UTM33 411737, 5282693), 1869m (SRTM is +30 m, distance from reference: 33m)

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