1623 / 101 a, a, a Plateau Schacht 101 1/S +


Underground Description

Entrance is in a rift orientated 40°-220° and hading about 20°. A 5m climb down leads to a horizontal passage going both ways, north leading out into the face of the scarp (101A). South (down dip) leads to a 4m pitch followed by a small crawl in a scree-floored phreatic tube, leading down dip, at about 30°. This drops via a short climb into a meandering phreatic tube with a tiny stream slot fed by an aven on the left. Progress is by crawling in the roof tube, which goes for about 40m until a window in the right wall leads to the base of an aven. The continuing crawl is too small, while a climb down below the aven (undescended) appears to choke.


? MISSING (grade 1)

Survex File

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