1623 / 244
Dünne Faulpelz Höhle 2/S/T +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

Notes in 2003#33 (does not include extensions from 2004, which are in 2004#56 and have not yet been scanned)

Underground Description

The entrance pitch, which is rigged with a spit y-hang and natural back up, its initially constricted and spiky but not tight. It becomes a fine 28m wine bottle shaped rift with 2 deviations off naturals. A ledge part-way down can be swung onto to look through into a parallel shaft. The landing for both is on a steep unstable slope of gravel and cobbles, in the main chamber of the cave.

Here three ways lead off. Following the slope down leads to a short climb down to another smaller chamber and on to the head of a pitch; a safety line is useful here, if only to prevent disturbing the loose rocks. The pitch was rigged with one rebelay to land in a puddle at the bottom of a tall chamber, where ducking under a wall leads to a body sized passage with a slight draught. This continues via an acute bend, and tightens to a cobble blockage. A fossil inlet opposite the pool leads to a sandy climb [but not to anything else apparently].

Back in the main chamber, at the bottom of the slope on the left are two phreatic windows, offset by 45°. The upper hole is too small, while the lower hole gives access to a phreatic passage with windows into the parallel upper passage. After around 25m the lower passage ends in chossy infill; an easy 2m climb leads back into the upper phreas, which is somewhat larger at this point. This level soon closes down but continues far enough to bypass the blockage in the lower passage via an easy climb down. Around 7m further on a wall of uniform 20mm gravel blocks the passage; the draught disappears, possibly through this choke.

The third route from the main chamber is a bolt route up one wall toa passage heading off northwards 4m above the floor. There are 2 spits placed to assist the climb and 2 more at the top to rig off. The northwards passage, Zero Gravity Anomaly, is now easy rift to an easy 5m climb down; the way on is a short dug crawl to a tight hammered open pitch head. This is short (7m), with a single spit pitch head backed up by spits in the crawl, and a deviation off a natural. The landing is on a mud and gravel floor; the chamber closes down almost immediately to a 10cm wide rift, no echo, rattle or draft.


Entrance pitch: 3 slings, 2 hangers and maillons, approx 40m rope (use tag spit as one anchor). Upclimb into Zero Gravity Anomaly: 7m rope, 2 hangers and maillons. Pitch at the end of Zero Gravity: 15m rope, 3 hangers + maillons, 1 sling.


Original exploration CUCC 2003 (Frank, Brian). Further exploration 2004 (Brian, Tony, Martin, Stuart).

Wallets: scanned survey notes

There are 2 wallets with data for this cave:
2003#33 2004#56


Kataster form sent May 2005; number assigned by Robert, 2005


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    Tag placed 2003 with provisional number
    Immediately above and behind the 204 stone bridge bivvy
    244 tag location

    244 tag position

    244 looking down entrance shaft, tag top right-hand corner

    244 looking down entrance shaft, tag top right-hand corner

    Tag Location
    1623.p244 47.69111N 13.82219E (UTM33 411618, 5282641), 1831m (SRTM is +49 m, distance from reference: 19m)

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