1623 / 104 Plateau Schacht 104 1/S +

Underground Description

Belay to a bolt in the boulder (on top, 1977 vintage), and as much dwarf pine as you can string together. A somewhat broken but roomy shaft of 29m with ledges at -10 and -24m, to a choke.


CUCC 1977 - Team Youth (S.Farrow). Relocated and surface surveyed CUCC 2005.


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    Marking Comment
    Red-painted number (1977). Traces of paint still visible in 2004, but number very hard to make out. Described boulder with spit on top fortunately still enables reliable identification. Tag placed on spit 2005-07-28.
    In deep scrub adjacent to a very large erratic boulder, in the same area as Eislufthöhle (Kat. 76). The boulder has an incipient split, and is visible from the col.

    Entrance looking down from top of boulder (spit visible in front on boot)

    Photo © Olly Betts, 2004

    Tag Location
    1623.p104 47.68465N 13.81103E (UTM33 410770, 5281936), 1660m (SRTM is +36 m, distance from reference: 22m)

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