1623 / 2018-pf-01

Underground Description

See logbook /logbookentry/2018-08-08/t2018-08-08_plateau_to 2018-PF-01 is a 2m-diameter shaft with an easy climb down to a mossy slope.


CUCC, Paul Fox, Natalie Uomini

Scanned survey notes

1623-2018-pf-01 (if any)


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    Arriving at the Big Cairn (GPS coords UTM: 33T 0411542, 5282881) which is on the Tunnocks path, we followed the 2005 instructions and veered left on an alleged heading towards the fabled caves 2004-18, 17, and 16 . Directly off the Tunnocks path we got distracted as we came upon 3 shafts which were not on the GPS catalogue: we named them 2018-PF-01 (which we tagged; see our survey of the same day), 2018-PF-02 (which we tagged the next day with Wookey; undescended), and 2018-PF-03 (which Paul tagged some days later)
    Tag Location
    1623.p2018-pf-01 47.69329N 13.82091E (UTM33 411526, 5282885), 1859m (SRTM is +36 m, distance from reference: 13m)

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