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Bräu Schacht 90 1/S +


New Entrance


CUCC 1977 - Team Enthusiast.

Underground Description

Rift entrance in scrub leads to a loose, choked rift, 20m deep. 1996 sketch survey says 12.5m deep, 3m long (N-S) and 1.4m wide. West wall of shaft is 1.5m higher than east, and bolt plus red-painted number are at SE corner.


1996 survey

Grade 2 (at a guess), drawn up in loose leaves in front of 1996-9 NotKH book

Survex File

caves-1623/90/90.svx 3d file


Briefly known as CUCC96-WK01, but the number existed meaningfully only for an hour or so until Wookey spotted that the cave was, in fact, 1623/90