1623 / 90
Bräu Schacht 90 1/S +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

1996 survey

Grade 2 (at a guess), drawn up in loose leaves in front of 1996-9 NotKH book

Underground Description

Rift entrance in scrub leads to a loose, choked rift, 20m deep. 1996 sketch survey says 12.5m deep, 3m long (N-S) and 1.4m wide. West wall of shaft is 1.5m higher than east, and bolt plus red-painted number are at SE corner.


CUCC 1977 - Team Enthusiast.


Briefly known as CUCC96-WK01, but the number existed meaningfully only for an hour or so until Wookey spotted that the cave was, in fact, 1623/90


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    Marking Comment
    red painted number "90" (1977), 1998 tag "1623 90 CUCC 1977"

    Used to have 1623.gps00.90 but this fixedpt no longer exists

    Plateau - below Bräuning Scharte - the large and dramatic breach in the Bräuning Wall. GPS (1996) UTM 33T 0410257 5280891; UTM 33T 0410281 5280823; GK 5410141 5283007
    Not located in search, 1989. Found 1996 and surveyed to. From Top Camp follow Bräuning path on slope, about 80m along (from point above waterhole) to where it meets edge of large patch of dwarf pine (c 100m diameter) on a raised limestone shelf. There is another patch of pines on slope to left for c 30m. Entrance is close to corner of big patch, 21m from path. Follow joint through gap in pines about 5m past where limestone step meets path. This is the same joint as CUCC 1996 WK 02, CUCC 1996 WK 03 and 1623/159. Surface survey location sketch in not KH 1996 p 3

    Entrance area Closeup of entrance (red circle marks tag - original here)

    Tag Location
    1623.p90 47.67889N 13.80373E (UTM33 410212, 5281305), 1670m (SRTM is +54 m, distance from reference: 22m)
    Bräuning Wall pt. 1828: 247°, Bräuning Nase: 153°, Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel (nipple): 097°, Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel: 050°, Schönberg: 346°

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