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Artischockehöhle 2/T +

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Underground Description

A contortion through boulders leads to a large horizontal passage, which gradually ascends until eventually lowering to a short flat-out crawl over choss. This leads to a chamber, from where it is possible to slither to the left through a gap between choss and the ceiling. Here there are two ways on. To the right ends quickly; a dig under the wall ended in a further choke. To the left leads to a tight crawl through dangerous boulders which would need digging to make further progress.

A noticable draught outwards is present throughout the cave.


CUCC 2002 Dunks, Mark S

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    Marking Comment
    Tag on rock wall on LH side facing entrance, with provisional number.
    The entrance is situated in a large choss bowl adjacent to the route used in 2000 onwards from Top Camp to Steinbrückenhöhle, where the path turns left just beyond Hauchhöhle.

    (The tag is on the wall behind my head)

    Tag Location
    1623.t249 47.68896N 13.81874E (UTM33 411356, 5282406), 1796m (SRTM is +49 m, distance from reference: 22m)

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