186 - , Rosenkavalierhöhle 2/S +


New Entrance


CUCC 1990

Underground Description

Cairn built by entrances. There are three entrances investigated:

Highest is really tight flat out crawl leading to a tightish but passable rift, draughting. Abandoned in favour of a newly collapsed small hole 10m below, at the foot of a small (5m) cliff. This had a very big rock blocking the entrance and rewarded the huge effort required to move it with nearly 5m of passage to a choke and a choked shaft.

10m further down still is the third entrance. A 6m climb down to a large ramp and a rebelay is the start of a 30m pitch. One way at the bottom is an 8m boulder slope climb up to a choke and small aven. The other way is a 2m climb into moonmilk crawl and some tight thrutching and chokes. All thoroughly investigated and not going anywhere.


Sketch survey (9k PNG)

sketch survey by William Stead from 1990 logbook