1623 / 189 Plateau Schacht 189 1/S +

Underground Description

In fact, it doesn't appear to have been written up at the time. It was redescended in 1996, and there is nothing in the 1996 logbook or notKH survey book, so there is no description here.


CUCC 1993 or 1994

Scanned survey notes

1623-189 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    This is 189, numbered in red paint, and marked with an Austrian metal tag in 1995.
    From Schwarzmoossattel directly out onto the plateau, keeping to the left edge of a large flat area of karren, passes first Fuchshöhle B11, then 164, a snow-plugged shaft below a small north-facing scar. 164 and 189 are both on the same joint going 018-198°: a few metres north of 164 is a fault line on 102-282° with a large open and heavily snow-plugged shaft, noted often since 1976, but not explored and written up until 1994 (or 1993?).

    Photo - 44k

    164 entrance (left of centre) seen over 189 entrance.

    Photo - 61k

    The entrance looking north during surface survey in 1996.

    Tag Location
    1623.t189 47.68031N 13.80606E (UTM33 410390, 5281460), 1627m (SRTM is +62 m, distance from reference: 11m)

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