1623 / 163 Schwa Höhle 163 2/S +

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1990 plan, Cambridge Underground 1991

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Underground Description

This is a fairly small cave remnant, but it does have a draught at the end suggesting more passage beyond.

The entrance is low and wide (3.5m) and descends down a rocky slope for 20m to some impressive ice stals. There is a small tube in the roof on the right through which daylight can be seen. The cave extends another 10m past the ice stals in fossil passage until it chokes. A 3m climb up on the left allows access to a tiny rift which can be climbed down for a few uninspiring metres.

5m back from the ice stals, towards the entrance, there is a stoop under a massive boulder forming the left wall. Here is a 3m climb down into the second part of the cave. Downslope from here is a chamber with a small frozen stream running through it and a choked alcove containing another ice stal beyond the stream. The chamber through which the stream 'flows' appears to have been formed by the entire roof falling about 1.5m in one piece and it is possible to climb beneath this huge rock near the way in. Over on the right is a climb through an eyehole to a 3m climb down into a stream rift. This has a howling draught coming out of it but it is too small to get down - although the heavy application of a hammer might do the trick.


CUCC 1988

Scanned survey notes

1623-163 (if any)


The 1988 log book refers to this cave as "Adam's Hole (1)".


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    this used to have fixed point 1623.gps00.163 to locate it, but this seems to have been removed from the fixedpts list.

    In the right hand side of a 15m diameter couloir near 162.

    Olly Betts at the 163 entrance with the numbering board

    Photo © Wookey 2002

    Tag Location
    1623.p163tag 47.67667N 13.81844E (UTM33 411312, 5281040), 1727m (SRTM is +47 m, distance from reference: 20m)

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