1623 / 2000-08 Grabenkrieghöhle 1/S +

Underground Description

Short pitch (~6m) from chossy naturals leads to large (~4m wide) unroofed passage. Uphill leads to rift, which is choked (corresponding to nearby choked surface rift). Downhill passes a wedged rock to a climb down onto a snowbank. Right is blind, left descends and leads to a blind pit with a too-tight continuation (looks diggable though).


Originally noted, but not descended, by CUCC Duncan in 2000. Has quite a history of getting reexplored regularly as people explore it and forget to record that it doesn't go: CUCC 2000 (Duncan), 2002 (MikeTA), 2003 (Mark S), 2004 (Dave L)

Scanned survey notes

1623-2000-08 (if any)


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    The large entrance is adjacent to the route used in 2000 onwards across the plateau to Steinbrückenhöhle, shortly before arriving at the stone bridge. It lies almost directly above the huge aven of 7-11 Chamber in 204; the vertical separation, however, is of the order of 120m.

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    Other Station
    1623.p2000-08 47.6902099N 13.8202439E (UTM33 411471, 5282544), 1815m (SRTM is +41m, distance from reference: 20m)

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