1623 / 277 a–c
Schlechte Wettervorhersage

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Three nearby entrances all connect and lead down a steep ramp to a 30m pitch then a 20m pitch into a larger chamber with no obvious continuation.


CUCC, 2017


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    Tagged "1623/277" in 2018
    (Replaces tag "2017-pw-01" placed in 2017)
    Head to Balkonhohle, but instead of descending the rope to the entrance ledge, continue up the slope until you reach a large plateau with a central valley and large flat depression. Head up the slope to the right of the large depression. 1623/277 is near the top of that slope, past numerous blind shafts.
    The entrance series continues down a narrow phreatic passage (also at 45 degrees) with a loose boulder floor. This continues for about 20m until a junction with two avens (one wet, one dry) and another choked 45 degree downslope. The phreatic passage continues downwards from survey station 8, becoming a long tube ramping down at 45 degrees with numerous offshoots and small avens. It ends at a 30m pitch that descends into a large breakdown chamber. The chamber is divided in two by a boulder pile below the aven. A crawl from one chamber widens into a loose passage which then chokes. Gear tape was found here in 2017, which means a potential link through to 2011-01?
    Two entrances: one 8m pitch, and one 8m handline-able ramp. Both lead down to a sandy 45 degree slope, with another choked up entrance on the right hand side.
    CUCC 2017
    Other Station
    1623.p277a 47.7000228N 13.8271769E (UTM33 412007, 5283626), 1928m (SRTM is +43m, distance from reference: 26m)
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    Other Station
    1623.p277b 47.7000338N 13.8271505E (UTM33 412005, 5283627), 1925m (SRTM is +46m, distance from reference: 25m)
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    Other Station
    1623.p277c 47.6999803N 13.8271737E (UTM33 412007, 5283621), 1921m (SRTM is +50m, distance from reference: 24m)

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