1623 / 156 Schwa Schacht 156 1/S +


CUCC 1987

Underground Description

An open rift with a rock bridge. Pitch of 25m drops onto snow bank, and route to southeast of this drops a further 15m to a complete choke with snow.



Grade 1 plan/elev of 156 and T.B.H. from 1987 Log Book

Scanned survey notes



The log book refers to exploration in the vicinity of 0/1 including 156 and a nearby cave (unnumbered in 1987) Tumbling Boulder Hole. There is, however, another piece of paper which says it is very near (and NE of) point 0/2. This appears to arise from the diagram which accompanies the log book entry, which shows 0/2 with no north arrow, and uphill up the page. If the point was really 0/1 on this diagram, then the descriptions would match, with north at 7 O'Clock on the diagram. The logbook suggests that the discoverers had visited 0/2 (and found very little nearby) and then 0/1 later, finding 156. GPS location and later a surface survey (1998) confirms that 0/1 is the correct laser point.


New Entrance