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A4 elev/plan to grade 5b, LUSS 1987-8

Underground Description

A tricky 4m climb down to a ledge and further 2m drop gain the floor of a chamber. Down boulder slope in chamber leads to a further short climb on overhanging loose rubble to a small chamber with draughting rift. A squeeze through the rift opens directly onto the head of an awkward 8m pitch. Beyond, the floor soon disappears and way on is 5m of traverse in a widening rift to where stones fall free for 5 seconds, this was the 1987 terminus.

A 6m drop reaches a point overlooking a 5m wide circular shaft. Bolts for a Y-hang lead onto the 56m free-hanging Heart of Gold pitch, named for its cross section. Another 10m drop on the other side of a boulder lands on a large ledge covered in loose boulders, The Italian Bistro. Awkward rigging on the right wall and two lower bolts allow Deep Thought to be rigged just clear of the tottering boulders that give the 18m pitch its name.

At the base is The Restaurant at the End of the Cave, a large chamber sporting five waterfalls. From the foot of the pitch, the floor is steeply inclined up to an arch, beyond which the chamber continues to rise to a total length of about 50m. A debris slope up to a tube at the highest points leads only to a choke. There is no other way on from the Restaurant since the floor is choke by major collapse at a depth of 117m.


LUSS 1987-8


The above description is taken from the LUSS reports on the 1987 and 1988 expeditions.


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    13° 50' 04" E, 47° 42' 04" N

    A large depression on the Hohes Augst-Eck ridge about 1km SSW of Roß Kogel, is reached from the crest of the ridge above the obvious rock arch, by following a large snow field to the head of the depression. Contouring around to the south of the depression, following the bedding, LA25 to 27 are close together.

    Above the large depression, LA25 is an open, but obscure hole on a bedding shelf.
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    1623.pla25 47.70111N 13.83444E (UTM33 412554, 5283739), 1898m (SRTM is 0 m, distance from reference: 22m)

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