1623 / 110
Kein Hubschrauber Höhle 1/S/T +

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Underground Description

Insignificant low entrance with icy draught is marked with number in red paint. Through boulders leads to an 8m drop and walking passage ending in a collapse chamber with draught emerging from the choke. Needed digging to get in.

From logbook 2017-07-28

I ... crawled inside the low and chilly entrance. After ~10m, I came to a small constriction which was passed without much trouble. After some ~20m further passage sloping at ~30° and a further small crawl the 8m climb described by the original explorers was reached. I began to down-climb this but then realised that most of the rock was very loose and one wall was entirely made of loose boulders. A retreat was made to get a rope and Rachel. Once attached to the rope, tied round a big boulder, extensive gardening occurred to the point at which the pitch would need to be bolted on the far wall for a safe descent. We then exited the cave and had a very welcome lunch. I was finally able to warm my freezing hands up. This cave is pretty miserable all round, being sharp, cold, drippy and small. This was to be a prevailing theme of caves in the area.


CUCC 1978 - Team Supersmooth/Supercool

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Name comes from logbook comment "helicopter failed to turn up".


  1. Id letter: '' Kein Hubschrauber Höhle Edit this entrance
    Marking Comment
    Tag says CUCC-2017-04 (placed, not bolted) (2017)
    On the plateau, about 2km (sic) beyond Eislufthöhle towards Schönberg. The cave is on the Stone Bridge side of the ski pole line by 100 - 150m, maybe 1.1km from the Stone Bridge
    We headed off beyond the cross country ski-pole line after refinding 2010-07 and 2010-01
    110 entrance area view 110 entrance
    Low (crawling) entrance with strong draught out.
    Tag Location
    1623.p110 47.69341N 13.81223E (UTM33 410874, 5282908), 1680m (SRTM is +40 m, distance from reference: 21m)

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