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2002-04 plan (25k png)

Notes in 2003#22

Underground Description

Square hole at the end of short gully looks out onto a drop of 3m (spit placed for ladder) to a false floor with a further similar-sized drop by a large boulder (continue the same ladder). Landing in a rift, east quickly becomes too tight, while west leads to a 3m free-climbable drop which is choked at the bottom.


Scanned survey notes

1623-242 (if any)


Kataster Form sent 2004.04.30. Number 242 allocated by Robert TWC at 2004 expo dinner


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    Marking Comment
    Tag on LH wall of gully approaching entrance. Tagged as 2002-04 by original discoverers; retagged with final kataster number 2004.07.31.
    Go to 204C and stand facing the stone bridge. The entrance can be seen ~60m away {might be wise to check surface survey if bothered} at the end of a short gully.
    Other Station
    1623.p242 - pitch head bolt 47.6925822N 13.8213089E (UTM33 411554, 5282806), 1835m (SRTM is +64m, distance from reference: 21m)

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