1623 / 80 Schwa Schacht 80 1/S +

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Grade 1 extended elevation in Cambridge Underground expedition report

Underground Description

A straight pitch of 14m to a choke.


CUCC 1977 - Team Geriatric, 1994

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    Tag 1998, retag 1999
    Plateau just NE of col.
    From Schwarzmoossattel, drop onto the plateau, where an intermittent line of cairns leads from the Bräuning wall camp (CUCC's Top Camp from 1988) across to the right, leading to the 8x caves and 145. Directly across a large clear area of karren, a large cairn used to mark the 8m by 5m entrance shaft, but this has apparently disappeared (1995) only to be rebuilt in 1996 - but is very vulnerable to demolition by winter snows. The shaft is otherwise invisible from a few metres away. The number 80, in red, is quite faded (1989) and is on the shaft wall facing the Bräuning wall.

    Close to the path to the 204 bivi (2007-2016 varient at least). Entrance is to the left of the path on the walk up, at end of the first section of limestone pavement (after the climb down the gully).


    Entrance shaftView down shaftCairn and very faded paint markLong shot of entrance
    from gully above Schwarzmoossattel

    Photos © Olly Betts 2005,2006

    (1996) VSK nipple: 135°, BW pt 1835: 043° (this cannot possibly be right), Grieskogel: 007°, HSK: 043°
    Other Station
    1623.p80 - Nils survey 47.67992N 13.80873E (UTM33 5281413, 410589), 1713m

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