1623 / 160 Plateau Schacht 160 2/S/ +

Underground Description

Bottoming trip used a 70m rope to reach a choke (with a draught). A small side rift at the bottom choked after 3m.

The cave could probably do with another descent to record some details of the interior or even a survey !


CUCC 1988

Scanned survey notes

1623-160 (if any)


1988 logbook implies that this is "Jared's Hole". Was provisionally numbered "181" but apparently never marked.


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    Marking Comment
    The hole believed to be 160 was unmarked until tagged in 1998 "1623 160 CUCC 1988" on flat limestone 1m east of entrance. This had been relocated in 1996 and was then thought to be 159, but latter was found marked in 1998.

    This used to have fixed point 1623.gps00.160 to locate it, but this seems to have been removed fromt he fixedpts list.

    On plateau, near B10 (according to B10 info). Map in 1988 logbook shows 160 as out on the plateau from Bräuning Scharte in an area of terracing, and WSW of B10. Hole tagged in 1998 is just east of 91, and can also be reached by following the terrace west from the 159 entrance.
    Tag Location
    1623.p160 47.68009N 13.80290E (UTM33 410151, 5281439), 1638m (SRTM is +60 m, distance from reference: 20m)

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