1623 / 2010-04

Underground Description

From logbook: Looking for 2nd Balkonhöhle entrance (dropping 2010-04) on 3rd July 2016
Dropped 2010-04 using naturals to get to snow slope. Andrew and I used the shovel to dig at the base and the side in 3 spots. Soft snow initially and some gaps but no draft. Gave up after less than an hour. Survey in wallet 2016#08.


becka, Andrew Atkinson, george

Scanned survey notes

1623-2010-04 (if any)


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    1623.p2010-04 47.69936N 13.82181E (UTM33 411604, 5283558), 1860m (SRTM is +56 m, distance from reference: 25m)

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