1623 / 251
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Notes in 2004#13; Tunnelized version of plan here.

Underground Description

A small, drafting entrance in the bottom of a deep gully leads into low phreatic passage. After a short crawl over small angular rocks, a series of small (1 meter) drops enlarge the passage to allow standing room. The passage continues a short distance to a chamber with a scree floor.

To the left, are what appear to be blocked entrance shafts with flows of debris that spill into the chamber. Right leads to a spacious passage that rapidly becomes a flat out crawl over loose rocks, and chokes soon after. Higher up on the right, and looking back in the direction of the entrance, is a small phreatic tube that slopes upward. This can be followed around two right-angled turns before it chokes.

The way on from the chamber is straight on. Ducking under a low protrusion from the ceiling leads into another, slightly larger, chamber.

A passage leads off to the left from the far side of the chamber. This can be followed for a short distance before it reaches a blank wall with a small amount of water emerging from a hole near the top. A climb through a window in the right of the chamber leads to the bottom of an aven.

On the right hand wall of the chamber, to the left of the window, a short free climb provides the main way on. Below the climb an awkward crawling passage slopes downwards and emerges part way down the pitch. From the top of the climb, a high passage slopes steeply downwards for about five meters to emerge at the top of the ten meter pitch.

The pitch descends at a less than vertical angle to an icy boulder choke at the bottom with no way on. Above the pitch and to the left, a walking sized phreatic tube can be reached by way of a bolted climb. This leads to a muddy boulder choke.


30m rope + 10 hangers, should get you to all of the cave.

Underground Centre Line

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CUCC 2004 Becka + Nial+Martin+Stuart

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    entrance photo

    Low (crawling) drafting phreatic hole in shallow valley heading down towards bowl of plateau.
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    1623.t251 47.69318N 13.81737E (UTM33 5282876, 411260), 1800m

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