1623 / 81 Schwa Höhle 81 1/T +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

Extended Elevation of 148 and 81 (2012):
Survey (25k PNG)
Area plan, showing 81, 82, 107, 148, 1987-02, 2006-06 and 2006-76 (2012):
Survey (72k PNG)
Compare with original Grade 1 extended elevation in Cambridge Underground expedition report

Underground Description

A short section of horizontal passage 5m below the surface, with two entrances. Further entrances (including one in the same doline as 85) were discovered in 2007, along with a connection to 148 via the Ice Octopus


CUCC 1977 - Team Geriatric, 2007 - Olly and Jenny

Wallets: scanned survey notes

There are 2 wallets with data for this cave:
2007#36 2007#97


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    Marking Comment
    Faded red paint still visible in 2007. Main entrance tagged 2005-07-28; 81b entrance tagged 2007-07-30 by Olly and Jenny.
    Plateau NE of col, between 80 and 82, very close to 85.

    Entrance Dave pointing out the tag bolt

    Photos © Olly Betts 2005

    Tag Location
    1623.p81 47.68071N 13.80974E (UTM33 410666, 5281500), 1657m (SRTM is +57 m, distance from reference: 23m)

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