1623 / 108 Plateau Schacht 108 1/S +


CUCC 1979 Tony and Andy Connolly (originally thought to be 1980 John, Tony and Andy Connolly); 2004 Jenny and Olly

Underground Description

Originally described here as 7m deep "Schwa Höhle 108": Horizontal entrance to a large chamber with narrow rift dropping away. Ends too tight.

However, a cave numbered 108 was relocated in 2004, which does not match this description at all. It's marked with paint "108" and has a spit in the centre of the "0". The spit isn't great, but there's a good chunky flake to use too. The shaft descends ~9m to a ledge. At this level there's a horizontal passage which leads immediately to a 4m deep blind rift pitch. Back in the main shaft, a few natural rebelays get you to a floor just under 30m down. At one end of the rift a draught emerges from rocks, but removing some rocks it appears it would need quite a lot of work to make progress and the continuation may be too small anyway. This cave seems a perfect match for the "deep sounding shaft" described as explored on 1979-08-05 in the 1979 log book.

Underground Centre Line

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This does not appear to be in the Austrians' Kataster.


New Entrance