1623 / 108 Plateau Schacht 108 1/S +

Underground Description

Originally described here as 7m deep "Schwa Höhle 108": Horizontal entrance to a large chamber with narrow rift dropping away. Ends too tight.

However, a cave numbered 108 was relocated in 2004, which does not match this description at all. It's marked with paint "108" and has a spit in the centre of the "0". The spit isn't great, but there's a good chunky flake to use too. The shaft descends ~9m to a ledge. At this level there's a horizontal passage which leads immediately to a 4m deep blind rift pitch. Back in the main shaft, a few natural rebelays get you to a floor just under 30m down. At one end of the rift a draught emerges from rocks, but removing some rocks it appears it would need quite a lot of work to make progress and the continuation may be too small anyway. This cave seems a perfect match for the "deep sounding shaft" described as explored on 1979-08-05 in the 1979 log book.


CUCC 1979 Tony and Andy Connolly (originally thought to be 1980 John, Tony and Andy Connolly); 2004 Jenny and Olly

Scanned survey notes

1623-108 (if any)


This does not appear to be in the Austrians' Kataster.


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    Marking Comment
    Tag "1623/108" placed 2006 using existing spit in centre of paint marking.
    108 is on the plateau (not near 41 as one older journal suggests), around 80m West of 76 (106).

    EntranceCloseup of marking

    Photos © Olly Betts 2004

    Tag Location
    1623.p108 47.68389N 13.80932E (UTM33 410640, 5281854), 1635m (SRTM is +48 m, distance from reference: 12m)
    Bräuning Nase 200°, Bräuning Zinken 235°, Vd. Schwarzmooskogel 175°.

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