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? Plan, elevation (grade2)

Underground Description

Oval 3m deep hole. Way on in opposite corner from difficult climb down of 3m to bottom. To the SW is a small mossy hole to choked chamber about 2 x 3m. To the NE clamber 6m down rocky slope then 6m along narrowing rift. V. tight possible way on down, but easier way along can be followed for 10m to awkward boulder blockage. Passage continues at least 3m to corner. The boulder was not passed in shorts and goretex for fear of ripping!


CUCC 1996 (Wookey)


NotKH book p29-p30

Scanned survey notes

1623-1996WK12 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    Tagged 2005-08-01 as "2005-89" as no letters available in tag kit
    Surface survey passes over cave, but no station at cave.
    About 12m or 30m SW of laser point 7 'LSR7_' on south side of Schwarzmoossattel (the one with incorrect position on original laser survey), 40m NE of 36. NW (upslope) from CUCC 1976 B4.

    Photo © Dave Loeffler 2005

    Oval hole 4m x 3m at edge of pavement next to grassy area. Draughting - particularly on entrance slope.
    Tag Location
    1623.pwk12 47.67790N 13.80789E (UTM33 410522, 5281190), 1667m (SRTM is +58 m, distance from reference: 11m)

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