1623 / 147 Schwa Höhle 147 2/T +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

Elevation and plan, 1988, unpublished? Claims to be grade 5b, but comment in 1988 logbook suggests that compass may have been seriously deviated by use of a torch to illuminate it. Drawn up survey has only one scale bar, though clearly plan and elevation are not to the same scale. Surface survey to top of Vd. Schwarzmooskogel, 1994

Re-explored and surveyed in 1999 - see log-book write-up – but apparently never drawn up.

Plan, 12k gif

Elevation, 15k gif

Underground Description

Horizontal walking entrance leads south to a descending passage and junction. Down to right is a shorter but smaller route to the lower cave, while ahead leads past a small choked passage on the right to the head of a pitch. Across the pitch a smaller passage continues to a blind pitch where a draught enters from the floor, and an even smaller continuing passage which ends too small, also draughting.

Down the main pitch, in a rift, is 10m to a boulder pile in a chamber where the shorter route reenters, and a passage continues back north towards the entrance. South is a rift ending too tight. The main way soon leads to a pitch of 10m with a large ledge halfway. A short passage intersects a cross-rift before becoming too small (with a draught), but down the rift drops c15m to a choke at about -45m.


CUCC 1988

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Number originally allocated to a cave which was not marked with a number, and which was not relocated until 1988. Interestingly, the Austrians had this as 2/T +, at 1700m, NW of Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel, and think CUCC explored it to 60m long and 10m deep in 1984. This suggests a CUCC documentation failure and probably a relocation failure, as the cave explored in 1988 was very different...


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    Probably somewhat uphill from 146, ie. NW of Vd. Schwarzmooskogel.

    "3m entry pitch in rift going into bluff wall on camp 2 side of Vord. Schwarzmooskogel on cairned path." (Camp 2 refers to the 1988/89 camp up near the col between Vord. and Hint. Schwarzmooskogel.)

    Tag Location
    1623.t147 47.67933N 13.81565E (UTM33 411108, 5281340), 1774m (SRTM is +47 m, distance from reference: 23m)
    Other Station
    1623.p147 - Start of (old) underground survey (Orange circle with orange dot in middle on rock nodule above entrance) 47.6793361N 13.8156329E (UTM33 411106, 5281340), 1774m (SRTM is +47m, distance from reference: 22m)

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