1623 / 231 a–i
Traungoldhöhle 2/E +


CUCC 2000

Underground Description

Entrance A leads to daylight chamber, down an awkward climb, whilst entrance B is a snow and boulder slope to the same chamber. To the right leads to another chamber, which ent H drops into, and a slope up to the left about 2m up the wall leads to entrance D. Continuing on stooping passage leads to a climb which emerges under a stone bridge which contains entrances E, F and G. A crawl at ground level between A & B leads to some loose slopes and entrance I. From the day light chamber the passage to the left leads quickly to a 3m climb down into the largest chamber of the cave. From here around to the left leads to entrance shaft C, and a passage leads off the other side of the shaft that is walking height leading to climbs up over boulders with a loose ceiling above. This leads to a T junction, which ends in boulders to the right and a short climb to a dead end to the left. To the right in the largest chamber, a wide low short passage leads to an ice-floored chamber. Crawling passage then leads to the deepest chmber, which has an ice flow into and down the chamber. At the opposite end of the chamber a 3m climb is reached, which was climbed and quickly closed down.


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