1623 / 194 Schwa Schacht 194 1/S +

Underground Description

A small hole in the side of a big surface rift (on about 060-240°). The surface rift is about 5m deep, and a tiny way goes off to the E at the north-eastern end, becoming too tight at about -15m. The small hole under the NW wall at the SE end is a pitch of c 30m to a 10m long rift parallel with the surface rift. Rope did not reach, but appears to be no way on.


50m rope?


Unknown, and CUCC 1995


Kate 95.07.26 S94p42-3

Scanned survey notes

1623-194 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    Tag "CUCC 1623/194" (1999). Cairn and numbered in red (1996) on NE face of a large boulder bridging the rift (visible in context photo).
    On large white patch of limestone on NW flank of Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel (visible from Top Camp), quite near the far side of the bare area and just above a larch tree leaning SE.
    On cairned path from Top Camp to Steinbruckenhöhle (204). 60m W of 195. Area map NotKH book p 115.

    context view - 8k jpgnumber - 12k gifrift to NE - 11 k jpg

    Bräuning Zinken 230°

    Two other bearings are given, one to "Kleine Wehr Kogel" 354°, but, in fact, to "Kleine Wild Kogel". The other is 295° to a small peak left of the Schönberg which I can't identify from the map.

    Other Station
    1623.p194 47.6867468N 13.8153411E (UTM33 411097, 5282164), 1763m (SRTM is +35m, distance from reference: 20m)

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