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Blaudrachenschacht 3/S/T +


CUCC 2003 Tony R, Brian O

Underground Description

Awkward climb down leads to a sloping chamber with small climbs. At the end of this chamber a tight awkward rift overlooks a short pitch giving access to a small chamber with a window 4 metres up on the right wall. A rift in the floor leads to a 90m pitch. Rebelays in the far wall eventually reach a fine shaft which can be descended to a floor with no way on. A short 3m climb reveals a climbable rift past awkward boulders to a small elongate chamber with no way on. Bolting up to the window at the top of the pitch led to another small chamber, also with no way on.


(Image assembled from two separate drawn up surveys in wallets 2003#10 and 2004#08.)

Underground Centre Line

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