1623 / 100 Plateau Schacht 100 1/S +

Underground Description

An east-west rift with two obvious points of descent. The more easterly is about 6m deep and can be seen to end in a chamber. The more westerly is a 15m pitch, with a window communicating with the east hole. At base are boulders and a climb down. A crawl leads to an inlet where water appears and sinks into an impenetrable slot with very sharp rock.


CUCC 1977, Team Youth, and again in 1990 by AERW

Scanned survey notes

1623-100 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    red painted number, with 1998 tag "1623 100 CUCC 1977" in centre (M6 stud).

    This cave was originally only numbered in carbide, so was unmarked for years. It was relocated in 1989, but was not numbered until 1993 since AERW didn't think to carry paint while trying to find old holes. The orange number was fading and chipped in 1995, so was refreshed in red. The surface survey was to the centre of the middle digit of the number.

    Just beyond the col, on the left. It is, in fact, extremely near Top Camp, virtually on one of the routes to the Schwarzmooskogel areas.
    Tag Location
    1623.p100 47.67931N 13.80574E (UTM33 410364, 5281348), 1640m (SRTM is +61 m, distance from reference: 22m)

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