1623 / 138 Schwa Schacht 138 1/S +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

Sketch in not-KH survey book 1996, page 14. Area map NoKH book p88.

Underground Description

Rapidly turns vertical and when explored, choked with snow at -40m.


Scanned survey notes

1623-138 (if any)


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    Marking Comment
    Number in red on the right wall of the vertical of the "T" saying "138 CUCC 1983". Spit with metal tag "CUCC 138" placed 1997.
    East flank of Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel. One shelf up from 136. 50m WSW of 136a.
    Follow route to 136. From large cubic boulder at 136a entrance climb 4m step to west. Go 25m SW along 'gully' between bunde, then turn R into gap. Large, T-shaped entrance now visible in cliff 15m ahead.
    Tag Location
    1623.p138 47.67753N 13.81632E (UTM33 411155, 5281139), 1795m (SRTM is +54 m, distance from reference: 25m)

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