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Schwa Höhle 142 6/T/S x

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CUCC plan from surveys 1982-1985, here in several sections:

Underground Description

Yet another entrance to Stellerweghöhle, with two points of connection, and also the first point of connection with Schwabenschacht, a similar cave explored by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Grabenstetten e.V.. 142 contains a very large chamber, imaginatively named The Big Chamber reached by a 34m pitch from a point adjacent to the connection. A full description of 142 (but not 78) is one of the components of the Stellerweghöhle guidebook, just an overview is given here.

Note: With apparent perversity, the Austrians have numbered this as 115e in their Kataster. This is likely to give rise to immense confusion in the long term as more caves are connected, and numbers on entrances cannot readily be altered (owing to the obscurity of their location and inaccessibility from within the system).

After an initial small tube, the cave opens into passages very similar to those in Schwabenschacht and the upper levels of Stellerweghöhle. Descent of some of the steep ramps to the right of the main way on may provide further connections into the main cave (and one may have already done so). However, staying high leads through tubes to an inobvious junction. Left is the connection to 78, whilst right leads immediately to the head of a pitch into the Big Chamber - a popular name in the system. A route from this chamber leads to the foot of an 18m pitch in the entrance series of Stellerweghöhle, and a more obscure route through boulders from the head of the Big Chamber pitch leads to the same place.


Scanned survey notes

1623-142 (if any)


this entrance to the main system really should have a name.


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    The entrance was prominently numbered '132' in red but this was finally changed in 1996 after the connection to Schwabenschacht (1623-78)
    Hack up the hillside behind Windloch (Kat.32).
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    1623.p142 47.66860N 13.80887E (UTM33 410580, 5280155), 1613m (SRTM is +42 m, distance from reference: 23m)

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