1623 / 228 Kleine Schnellzughöhle

Underground Description

Is this possibly the same as 114 ?

NOTE The shape, length and orientation of the cave is very suspiciously similar to the explored but not surveyed 1623-114 which is very close (60m) to Schnellzughohle and does indeed look like a smaller version of Schnellzughohle. So is the survey location of 1623-228 in Egglgrube valley incorrect ? It uses the nils2000 fixed point *fix 1000


ArGE (Nils + Kai Schwekendiek, August 2000)

Scanned survey notes

1623-228 (if any)


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    Other Station
    1623.p228 47.6670701N 13.7993965E (UTM33 409866, 5279996), 1600m (SRTM is +33m, distance from reference: 17m)

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