1623 / 247
Kartoffelbreihöhle 1/S/T +

Surveys and Rigging Guides

(drawn up partly from sketch in 2003 logbook and partly from memory)

Underground Description

A climb down/squeeze through boulders (awkward on the way out for fat bastards like me - Dave) leads to a small chamber ~4m across, with a loose hole in the floor at the far end. This was descended for perhaps 15 or 20m to a hopelessly choked floor of small pebbles. A window around a third of the way down the pitch leads to a parallel shaft, also choked at the bottom (from which there is another window back into the main shaft).


26m rope + some (4 or 5) hangers sufficient


CUCC 2003 Julian T, Dave L

Wallets: scanned survey notes

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Kataster form prepared 06/03/2005, sent May 2005, number issued August.


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    On south flank of Nieder Augst-Eck just north of stone bridge. Directly to the east of 2003-04.

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    1623.p247 47.69237N 13.82303E (UTM33 411683, 5282781), 1872m (SRTM is +40 m, distance from reference: 20m)

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